How have some of my stock picks performed over the last 12 months?

As my newsletter has been going for over a year, I would like to point out how some of my picks have performed.

Most of the following companies and ETF’s I have recommended for the entire time, while some have been added later.

If the companies had been held for at least one year, the total return (income plus capital growth)  would have been as follows:

Security 1 Year Total Return
Shopify 142.9%
Nvidia 130.7%
Aphria 67.7%
Apple 59.0%
Facebook 48.9%
Amazon 47.2%
Centennial 40.3%
Stanley Works 39.7%
T.Rowe Price 35.9%
Pure Ind 35.9%
Home Depot 34.4%
Alphabet 34.0%
Bank of America 33.3%
Blackrock 31.5%
Visa 30.7%
JP Morgan 28.5%
XEC 28.4%
Cdn. Apt. 27.6%
Canadian Tire A 24.6%
JNJ 24.0%
Freehold 23.7%
WSP Global 23.6%
Fortis 21.6%
ZEQ 20.8%
HPR 20.7%
TD 20.0%
Pembina 19.6%
General Dynamics 19.6%
Manulife 16.6%
Sleep Country 15.8%
RBC 15.6%
Emera 12.5%
CP 10.8%
Chartwell 10.1%

I also took profits during the last year in both Dollarama and ZCL Composites with returns far exceeding the TSX Composite.

In regards to my sector bets, I have been overweight Financials and Technology and underweight Energy for the entire time.

Both Financials and Technology have sharply outperformed their respective benchmark domestic indicies, while Energy has under performed for the entire period.

I have also been overweight Industrials for the last year with Canadian industrials outperforming the TSX while US Industrials marginally under performing.

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