Investment Consequences from a failed repeal of Obamacare

Last Friday’s proposed Trumpcare revisions were met with a lot of resistance within the Republican party.

Despite the Republican control of the House of Representatives, Trump and Ryan could not convince more liberal Republicans to vote against their respective constitutents’ concerns about ensuring that the 30 million recently insured remain insured.

To no avail, Trump did attempt to bully his party House Representatives to vote in his favour.

This bill will most certainly need to be completely revamped if it has any real chance of getting passed.

It is not likely that a new vote will occur anytime in the near future.

My last newsletter highlighted that the large US insurance companies would be major beneficiaries under a repeal or revision to Obamacare.

However based on these recent events, the apparent losers now become the winners with Obamacare continuing in its present form for the time being.

The hospital management companies will continue to insure all those 30 million people that would have been mainly uninsured once again under the proposed Trumpcare changes.

My recommendation is to switch out of the large US health insurance companies into the hospital management companies.

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