Large Cap US High Tech – EPS Growth outlook to 2019

Comparing the earnings outlook from Dec 31, 2016 – Dec 31, 2019  for the following :

Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Texas Instruments, Oracle and Amazon

While Amazon is technically in the Consumer Discretionary sector, I still view this company as high tech.

The most consistent year over year earnings grower remains Facebook by a wide margin. Over the period its projected EPS growth is almost 89%.

The two fastest growing companies are Netflix and Amazon with projected growth rates over the period of 664% and 201% respectively.

The two slowest growing companies are Microsoft and Oracle with expected EPS growth rates over the period of 24% and 26% respectively.

Investors still need to compare PE valuations relative to these projected EPS  growth rates in order to make their investment decisions.

My sample Growth portfolio includes Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Nvidia.

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