Peter McMurtry’s Personalized Portfolio Review Service

My portfolio review service consists of the following components:

  1. Portfolio analysis: based on your questions/challenges and existing portfolio, I will review your situation and prepare feedback.
  2. Whole portfolio perspective: I will provide a portfolio-wide detailing (across all of your accounts) of your asset mix and equity sector weights including holdings in any mutual funds and ETFs you may own.
  3. Fund holding review: I will provide an assessment of any mutual funds and/or ETF holdings in your portfolio.
  4. Detailed portfolio risk assessment: I will review your portfolio and provide feedback on your asset mix risk, individual security risk and equity sector risk.
  5. Assessment of your current asset mix and equity sector weights: based on my analysis of your portfolio, I will provide you with an opinion on your current asset mix and equity sector weights.
  6. Individual stock ideas: I will provide options for individual equities that you may wish to consider for your portfolio.
  7. Fee review: I will review all of your  investment management fees including any deferred sales charges.
  8. Lower cost alternatives: Where appropriate I will suggest cost-effective alternatives to your current holdings.

The rate for my portfolio review service is $500.00 (including HST).

Contact me for more information.

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