Testimonials for Peter McMurtry

Peter provided a very thorough review of my portfolio.

He’ll tell you that you’re overweight or underweight in a certain sector and the changes that need to be made.

He’ll dissect a mutual fund and show you other options for your money. He’ll even show you the time it takes to recoup the DSC on your mutual fund.

Peter’s not afraid to tell you what he prefers and likes. I recommend Peter if you require a portfolio review.

-Chris L., Winnipeg, MB

I have been following Peter McMurtry’s investment advice and asset mix suggestions for a number of years now, and as a result, my investment returns have improved significantly.

Before I met Peter, I was one of those investors that relied on my Financial Advisors to look after my portfolio and choose an asset mix that was going to produce a decent return. After a few years it became obvious that they were making fees from my portfolio, but I was barely breaking even.

What I found to be the difference in the advice that he was giving vs my Financial Advisors was that Peter not only recommended when to buy an investment, but also, when to sell it. This latter advice was rarely offered by my previous advisors. The stock market keeps changing as current events affect the world economy, and one needs to keep adjusting or tweaking one’s portfolio on a regular basis to stay ahead. Peter kept abreast of what was happening in the market place and made timely buy/sell suggestions.

I was glad to hear that Peter will be doing a newsletter as my portfolio has done well as a result of his advice in the past, and I look forward to his future suggestions.

-Gerard Paul Osika, MBA

During the time that Peter acted as our financial advisor, we found him to be very competent and well informed about the latest developments in business affairs and financial markets. Peter possesses great analytical and interpretive skills to determine the pros and cons of investing in good quality companies. In our opinion he has the right qualifications and personal insight to advise and help people to make sound decisions about their personal investments.

-Kind regards, John and Rolina ten Bruggenkate, Kingston, Ontario

Peter McMurtry was our financial advisor at Scotia McLeod and again at Guardian Capital when he moved there.  We appreciated Peter’s intelligent and thoughtful approach to investing,  and we did very well with our portfolio under his management.

We also had money invested that we managed ourselves.  Peter was always helpful in giving us advice about equities in our self-directed portfolio. 

Peter’s experience and success in the financial field will,  I’m sure,  be reflected in his investment newsletter.

-Carol and Gordon Ramer, Kingston

I am a former client of Peter McMurtry. Peter was very attentive and knowledgeable of the financial issues at hand. His recommendations were of great help.

-Donald Rudolph